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Thailand: 13th Asia Pacific Conference on Disaster Medicine

Event Dates: 06-Nov-2016 To 06-Nov-2016
Event Type: Conference
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
Website: http://www2.vajira.ac.th/apcdm/a/


Turkey: 10th Turkey National Congress of Emergency Medicine 2014

Event Dates: 15-May-2014 To 18-May-2014
Event Type: Conference
Venue: Golf Resort, Location: Belek-Antalya, Turkey
Website: http://www.acil2014.org/
This year's event shall provide guidance not only for Turkey but also for many countries expecting cooperation with us, due to our experience of 20 years and leadership role derived from our history and genes. The National Congress will also pave the way to a transformation, commensurate with our reputation by making the first steps to become a major event in international scale . The congress is a scientific feast designed with a comprehensive social program and the organizing committee started its works in June and acted in a highly structured way. The works are conducted by a professional team and propose significant changes  


Turkey: 4th Eurasian Congress on Emergency Medicine

Event Dates: 12-Nov-2014 To 16-Nov-2014
Event Type: Conference
Venue: Yet to be Decided
Venue: Antalya, turkey  Contact: Email: ycete@akdeniz.edu.tr


Turkey: International Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine

Event Dates: 26-Nov-2015 To 29-Nov-2015
Event Type: Congress
Venue: The Green Park Pendik Hotel & Convention Center, Istanbul.
Website: http://www.afetveaciltip2015.org/general-information.html


Turkey: 5th Eurasian Congress on Emergency Medicine

Event Dates: 10-Dec-2016 To 13-Dec-2016
Event Type: Conference
Venue: Titanic Deluxe Belek Hotel, Antalya, Turkey
Website: http://eacem2016.org/
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