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: 3rd International Emergency Care Symposium

Event Dates: 04-Sep-2014 To 05-Sep-2014
Event Type: Symposium
Venue: The Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre, Melbourne, Australia
Theme of Event: International Emergency Care: Can('t) we do better?
Website: http://www.ifem.cc/Events/EventsCalendar/International_Emergency_Care_Symposium__Melbourne.aspx
IEC is a rapidly growing field of interest in global health.  It encompasses the work done by doctors and nurses in the evolution of emergency care systems in countries at extreme levels of development.  Emergency care providers across the globe collaborate to provide emergency care capacity development, emergency care specialty development and international disaster response.


: 1st Global Conference on Emergency Nursing and Trauma Care

Event Dates: 18-Sep-2014 To 20-Sep-2014
Event Type: Conference
Venue: Amsterdam
Theme of Event: Connecting for Excellence!
Website: http://www.eusem2014.org/en/
Our mission is to: Advance research, education, practice and standards of the specialty of emergency medicine throughout Europe. Our goals are: to foster and encourage education, training and research in Emergency Medicine in Europe to promote and facilitate the dissemination of information on Emergency Medicine, through meetings, courses, research and publications to encourage the development of uniform information systems and data banks in Emergency Medicine in Europe to encourage the formation and the cooperation between national associations for Emergency Medicine to promote international collaboration in the field of Emergency M


: EMS World Expo

Event Dates: 09-Nov-2014 To 14-Nov-2014
Event Type: Exhibition
Venue: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Website: http://emsworldexpo.com/
World Trauma SymposiumMobile Integrted Health CareExhibitionConference


: X-Ray - Combined Chest & Emergency Interpretation

Event Dates: 25-Nov-2014 To 27-Nov-2014
Event Type: Training
Venue: Outrigger Resort and Spa, Noosa Heads, Australia
Website: http://www.lightboxradiology.com.au/course-details.aspx?c=1011
Despite the technological advancements in medical imaging, the chest X-Ray remains the most frequently requested radiological investigation, and one of, if not the most difficult to interpret correctly. Our 'Combined Chest X-Ray and Emergency X-Ray Interpretation' course provides a comprehensive review of the fundamental principles in chest and emergency X-Ray interpretation. Interactive multimedia small live group sessions are undertaken between lectures. The goal of the course is to provide practitioners with the confidence to recognise a normal chest X-Ray, common patterns of disease and to recognise radiographic patterns of trauma and inj


: World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine

Event Dates: 21-Apr-2015 To 24-Apr-2015
Venue: Cape Town international Convention Centre, Cap Town, South Africa
Theme of Event: Creating Capacity, Building Resilience
Website: http://www.wcdem2015.org/
Conference will focus on utilizing prevention and preparedness to minimize the impact of disasters and hasten recovery by developing more disaster resilient communities.Emergency Medicine is rapidly developing in Africa. It was first recognized as a separate specialty in South Africa in 2003, and in 2010 the FIFA World Cuptm brought a new emphasis and focus on training in the field of disaster and mass gathering medicine. Four years later, the skills and systems developed for the World Cup remain, and are allowing an accelerated appreciation and expansion of disaster services and planning in the country. Many other sub-Saharan countries are n
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