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Israel: Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Course in Israel

Event Dates: 07-Nov-2015 To 12-Nov-2015
Event Type: Conference
Venue: Israel
Website: http://apfmed.org/programs/emergency-disaster-course/


Israel: International Seminar in Emergency Response

Event Dates: 06-Dec-2015 To 11-Dec-2015
Event Type: Conference
Website: http://www.eusem.org/cms/assets/1/a%20unique%20and%20exciting%20flayer%206-11%2015.pdf


Israel: International Seminar on Emergency Response

Event Dates: 04-Dec-2016 To 09-Dec-2016
Event Type: Conference
Venue: Israel
Website: http://www.eusem.org/cms/assets/1/6thflyer.pdf


Japan: 7th Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine

Event Dates: 23-Oct-2013 To 25-Oct-2013
Event Type: Conference
Venue: Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
Theme of Event: Emergency Medicine in Society: Scientific Basis, Local Applications and Future Perspective
Website: http://www2.convention.co.jp/acem2013/


Japan: 12th Asia Pacific Conference on Disaster Medicine

Event Dates: 17-Sep-2014 To 19-Sep-2014
Event Type: Conference
Venue: 1-3-61 Koraku Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Theme of Event: Ready for action !
Website: http://www2.convention.co.jp/apcdm12/
  The purposes of the Conference include a wide array of activities that range from the handling of a large number of sick and injured people in times of disaster to the establishment of interdisciplinary “disaster medicine” as an area of medical science, further to responses to disasters, including medical services and international humanitarian assistance, to address both natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and flood and human-caused disasters such as conflict, terrorism, and radiological disasters, and still further to the evaluation thereof.
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