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Indonesia: 24th Asia Pacific Symposium on Critical Care and Emergency Medicine 2017

Event Dates: 03-Aug-2017 To 05-Aug-2017
Event Type: Symposium
Venue: Bali, Indonesia
Website: http://www.asiapacificccem.org/


Iran: International Congress On Cardiac Emergencies 2014

Event Dates: 19-Feb-2014 To 21-Feb-2014
Event Type: Congress
Venue: Arabia Complex-Mohammadi Hospital, Bandar Abbas, IRAN
Website: http://www.icce-2014.com/
Target Groups -Cardiologists -Internists -Emergency medicine specialists -Anesthesiologists -Neurologists -Obstetricians and Gynecologists -General physicians -Nurses -Emergency technicians -Epidemiologists - Family physicians (Special program )


Israel: Third International Conference on Healthcare System Preparedness and Response to Emergencies and Disaster

Event Dates: 12-Jan-2014 To 15-Jan-2014
Event Type: Conference
Venue: Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv
Website: https://event.pwizard.com/IPRED3/index.py?p=781%20%20%20www.kldltd.com
Conference Objectives: To provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and lessons learned for practitioners and researchers involved in the field of preparedness and response to emergencies and disasters. To promote international networking between Healthcare professionals and others working in the fields of preparedness and response to emergencies and disasters. To enhance international research collaboration in the field of emergency and disaster medicine and public health preparedness. 


Israel: International Seminar in Emergency Response

Event Dates: 30-Nov-2014 To 05-Dec-2014
Event Type: Conference
Venue: Tel Aviv
Theme of Event: It's Matter of Life
Website: http://www.eusem.org/cms/assets/1/pdf/flyerintlseminaremergencyresponsenov14.pdf
The seminar will include: Informative lectures about the history of Magen David Adom and its role in Israeli society How to respond to mass casualty events Disaster preparedness Meeting with senior Magen David Adom staff and volunteers Meeting with Israeli physicians and medical professionals A tour of Magen David Adom facilities: National Dispatch Center, National Blood Bank and National School for paramedics Volunteering at a Magen David Adom station or on an ambulance


Israel: 3rd Annual Congress of the World Society of Emergency Surgery 2015

Event Dates: 05-Jul-2015 To 08-Jul-2015
Event Type: Congress
Venue: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel
Website: http://www.mitcongressi.it/wses2015/index.php?pag=home
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