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India: 20th Annual Congress of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine and 18th Congress of Asia Pacific Association of Critical Care Medicine

Event Dates: 14-Feb-2014 To 18-Feb-2014
Event Type: Conference & Workshop
Venue: Birla Auditorium, Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Website: http://www.criticare2014.com/
Conference: 14-16 February, 2014 Post Conference Workshops: 17-18 February, 2018


India: Global Annual Meet Emergency Medicine

Event Dates: 24-Apr-2014 To 27-Apr-2014
Event Type: Conference & Workshop
Venue: Global Health City, Chennai, India
Website: http://www.gamet2014.com/
Theme of GAMET 2014 would be “REDEFINING THE GOLDEN HOUR…SAVING MILLIONS” GAMET 2014 would be an academic conclave to host the stalwarts in the field of emergency medicine & critical care around the globe. The emergency team at Global hospitals Chennai, vows to leave no stone unturned to provide a stupendous and a comprehensive scientific feast to quench the thirst of many aspiring emergency and critical care physicians. Highlights of this event would be a state of the art training workshops, lectures from eminent faculties across borders and training courses for MCEM to be conducted by the prestigious BROMIEY EMERGENC


India: 2nd Annual "BEST OF BRUSSELS" Symposium on Intensive Care & Emergency Medicine 2014

Event Dates: 07-Jul-2014 To 13-Jul-2014
Event Type: Conference & Workshop
Venue: Hyatt Regency Hotel. Pune, India
Website: http://isccmpune.com/events/
During this conference cum workshops, various workshops will be held from the 7th to 10th July 2014, the 12th Annual Intensive Care Review Course is designed especially for exam going students will have exam oriented topics, workstations & MCQ with Interactive Sessions similar to the exam pattern. The very popular landmark 18th Annual Mechanical Ventilation Workshops will now have Fundamentals of Mechanical Ventilation & Emerging Strategies of Mechanical Ventilation in addition to the Ultrasound & 2DEchocardiography in ICU & Hemodynamic Monitoring Workshop.


India: 6th Annual Conference of Association of Emergency Physicians, India(EPI)

Event Dates: 01-Aug-2014 To 03-Aug-2014
Event Type: Conference & Workshop
Venue: Hotel GreenPark Chennai, India
Website: http://www.pace2014.co.in/
PACE is an annual academic & research oriented conference, conducted by EPI association.The motive of this conference is to attract young, new, medical graduates, inters, PG's towards the field of emergency medicine and to train them in managing common emergencies and making them aware of existing training programs in EM in India & opportunities in the field of EM in india and abroad.


India: 3rd Asian EMS Conference, 2014

Event Dates: 16-Oct-2014 To 19-Oct-2014
Event Type: Conference & Workshop
Venue: Goa, India
Theme of Event: Learning, Unlearning and Relearning EMS is Fun
Website: http://conference.emsasia.org/
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