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Australian Doctors Bring Woman Back from the Dead

Sydney: An Australian woman has lived to tell the tale after being brought back to life from being clinically dead for 42 minutes, doctors said on August 19 Monday.Mother-of-two Vanessa Tanasio, 41, was rushed to Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne last week after a major heart attack, with one of her main arteries fully blocked.

She went into cardiac arrest and was declared clinically dead soon after arrival.Doctors refused to give up and used a compression device called a Lucas 2 -- the only one of its kind in Australia -- to keep blood flowing to her brain while cardiologist Wally Ahmar opened an artery to unblock it.

Once unblocked, Tanasio's heart was shocked back into a normal rhythm."(I used) multiple shocks, multiple medications just to resuscitate her," Ahmar said."Indeed this is a miracle. I did not expect her to be so well."



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